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Paul Bennet 

Global Brand Director, Axa

"Advertising allows us to put our proposition out there. The Coast approach enables us to demonstrate what the difference it makes to people's daily lives."

Skye Sanders

CMO, Trafalgar Travel

"From our very first conversation, I appreciated how well Coast listened and learnt our business, and I continued to feel supported throughout the entire project. More than just a production company, Coast was an incredible resource, offering consultation and recommendations to tease the most out of our brief, helping the overall creative development in bringing our newly repositioned brand to life."

Lucy Hannah

Paul Smith

Fashion Designer, Paul Smith

 Programme Manager, The  Commonwealth.

"Coast helped us to develop, hone and deliver a concept for an incredibly powerful short film for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. The team were patient, flexible, attentive and imaginative."

"When I saw the film I was blown away...I felt like I could put my hand into the set of the show...Brilliant." 

Peter Dee

Seamus O'Farrell

Global Marketing Director, Johnnie Walker, Diageo

"Coast’s innovative approach has enabled the brand to engage in a more intimate Keep Walking dialogue with consumers around the world. Sales results and brand equity scores prove just what a difference this campaign is making for our business."

Chief Marketing Director, Prostate Cancer UK

"Coast came to us with an audacious idea, a heist movie! Raising awareness whilst delivering great entertainment  for a new audience. Our most successful campaign ever."

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