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'Alastair Campbell, My Depression & Me' BBC2

A Coast co-production for BBC2 Horizon.

Alastair Campbell candidly talks about his experience living with depression and explores if radical new treatments can make a difference. This 1hr film was first screened during BBC's Mental Health Week, May 2019. It was recently repeated, May 21st 2020.

"Campbell brought the topic to a very personal level (keeping a video diary rating each day between 1 and 10) and it was this diary aspect that kept me hooked. It made me wonder what he would be feeling the next day. He explored the many quirky techniques that have been – and still are - used to cure depression. These ranged from regular exercise to eating magic mushrooms. Above the fungi however, one method stood above them all – a jam jar. More specifically, a mental illness jam jar." (Will Hughes, Daily Mirror).

Alastair Campbell, Depression and Me

Alastair Campbell, Depression and Me

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