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About us

In 2019 we co-produced our first BBC 60 minute documentary, 'Alastair Campbell, Depression & Me' (Horizon). First shown in Mental Health Week 2019, it was repeated in May 2020.
In 2014 we wrote & produced a drama for ITV and Prostate Cancer UK, featuring Ray Winstone, Charles Dance, John Simm, Neil Stuke, Tamsine Outhwaite and Cyril Nri.
The drama reached an audience of over 4m across all ITV drama and news channels; PC UK's most effective communications initiative ever, and a Cannes Lions award winner.
"Father's Day is a mini-drama with a twist and a story line better than most of Hollywood."
(Richard Brooks, Sunday Times.)


We help brands define, produce and deliver film content marketing initiatives – enabling them to address a number of opportunities and challenges on their agendas.

'Wanted' content that brands want to own, and target audiences want to watch.

With much experience across a range of sectors (FS, FMCG, Energy and Auto), our approach is always audience first.


This means content that is rewarding; talk to not sell to in tone of voice; channel-led and meeting relevant screen trends.

We put this 'opt-in' or 'discover' idea around video distribution at the core of our content process – planning, creative, production. Because ‘wanted’ content leads to campaign success – awareness, footfall, switch and sales.

Coast is a small, agile and friendly team of producers and writers, working with broadcasters and brands to produce stand-out content.
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